November writing challenge…

Have you ever written a story? Have the characters ever been so amazing that you just kept dreaming about them and things they might do, see, or say? That’s how I feel about Sparklepants and Ellie Marie.

I took on the NaNoWriMore challenge. I have been editing and adding and creating new adventures for my favorite characters! I am already almost 40,000 words into it this month!

To give you a little perspective, a normal month for me is 60,000 words or less. I am on track to hit between 80,000+!

I have also been busy outlining other characters and future series too….

I hope you have tried a writing challenge. Yours doesn’t have to be a crazy number like mine, maybe you just make it a goal to write for 30 minutes 5 days a week and see what you can come up with in a Journal…. Not everyone dreams up whole worlds and multiple characters, but if you do….. I hope you share some of your stories on a blog or with a best friend! We can all use some inspiration! I hope you spread the love of reading or writing!!

Sending Sparkles,


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